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Technical Game Designer

Ambitious Designer / Programmer with a tendency to push the boundary and experiment with new ideas.


Forward Thinking Ambition

Currently working at Deviation Games on an unannounced AAA Project under Treyarch former leadership Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell. While I cannot provide any details on that, this website serves as my portfolio of shipped work I am able to showcase.


Aspiring to compound and develop my programming skills through independent design, I have created several new games over the past 5 years, outputting 3 projects in Unity and 2 in Unreal Engine 4. Through this I have gained a solid foundation of programming knowledge and the ability to incorporate data structures, algorithms, and 3D math.

To accomplish this, I’ve spent the past two years working on professional-grade projects, enhancing my Unity and Unreal Engine programming skills while gaining strong foundations with interdisciplinary teamwork. Outside of work in game engines, my experience includes using both C# and C++ languages and numerous algorithms in C++ and Java directly.

EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE:  C#, Unity Engine, C++, Unreal Engine 4, and Git

INTERMEDIATE EXPERIENCE:  Java, Python, C, JavaScript, Scrum, and Unix

Featured Project

Featured Project

Most Impressive Project


Unreal Engine 4

Set in the near future, you and your robotic companion Bits must infiltrate the hideout of a criminal gang. While turning their robots against them using simple programming, you can integrate their technical advances into your own capabilities, enabling you to succeed in your ultimate goal of joining the elusive gang of Circuit Breakers.

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