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Boardcraft 3

Cardboard Warcraft 3 Combat!

Paper Materials

Lua Programmer

A board game adaptation of the Real Time Strategy game Warcraft 3. For our final project of our Game Systems class, (CMPM 176) we had to create an analog version of a digital video game. We chose to do a board game adaptation to emulate the systems present within the digital version of the game. This was a unlicensed class project based upon Warcraft 3 (all rights to Warcraft 3 held by Blizzard Entertainment).

With the conversion to a board game, we put a big focus on maintaining the balance between investing into growing your economy and creating an army. This required a lot of tweaking over the course of game creation to allow for multiple strategies that would work with each other in a way that the player's decisions were both significant but also didn't punish them too strongly. As this was for a class on Game Systems, throughout development, we kept track of our game loops using a program called Machinations( to provide a visual aid. Through this, we were able clearly show the various loops that controlled our game flow and economy.

I was in charge of coming up with the idea as well as designing the game and coming up with the rules.

Gameplay Images

Showcase of art style and gameplay.


Board Creation - Garrick Liou

Rules/Design - Theo Erickson

Rules/ Design - Kennan Billimoria,

Art-  Yaoshun Yu

Art - Chawei Wu

Art- Dina Rosenburg

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