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Playground Heroes

Embark On A Souls-Like Fantasy Adventure

Unreal Engine 4 / C++

Gameplay Programmer / Encounter Designer

Bringing inspiration from World of Warcraft and Dark Souls, Playground Heroes is a split-screen co-op game detailing an adventure of two sisters as they weave a fantasy journey, creating intricate boss battles, fighting to face their fears, while coming to terms with family conflicts.

Set in the modern day, it follows the interactions between the two sisters and their forest hike, as their imaginations weave a fantasy story of bravado and adventure, to help cope with underlying family conflict.

As a Programmer and Encounter Designer, my work has been focused in using C++ and Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4, to create the core gameplay systems and boss mechanics throughout the game. Our team of 9 are currently 2 months in development and will continue until June at minimum, increasing the visual fidelity and overall content bit by bit.

Game Trailer

Cinematic trailer

Gameplay Media

Original Score Composed By Our Team

Forest Theme
00:00 / 01:29

Showcase of art style and gameplay.



Producer/ Programmer - Josh Husting

UI/ Art Director - Tayla Rund


Gameplay Programmer / Encounter Designer - Theo Erickson

Sound - Nick McCrink

Encounter Designer / Dialogue Programmer - Patrick Lauderdale

Animation / 3D Artist - Ryan Melton

Level Design - David Stanke


Narrative Designer - Noelle Corea

Concept Art - Janel Catajoy

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