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Delve Deeper Into Madness

Unity / C#

Lead Programmer

Resonator is an exploration horror game about a scientist who discovers that what he sees in his trips to an alternate Eldritch-style dimension are coming back with him. The various things they see start to have a long term effect on their sanity, causing aspects of the world to distort and behave erratically. As the game goes along, the distinction between the two worlds becomes more and more subtle until the final point, where neither world is distinct from each other, plunging our scientist into an infected world of their own creation.

Created in 3 weeks as our second prototype block game for my Senior Thesis, I was mainly focused on handling the shifting mechanics and incorporating the other parts of the game into it. We also had concepts for how the game would be extended and what would be implemented should we have chosen to continue work on it for the rest of our final year.


Gameplay Images

Showcase of art style and gameplay.


Producer - Thomas Ruiz

3D Models and Art - Lucas Hackman

Level Design/Programming - Alfredo Cuevas

2D Art and Textures - Trenten Kaufeldt-Lira

Lead Programmer - Theo Erickson

Programmer/ Level Design - Patrick Lauderdale

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