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Occultus Occularus

Reflect Upon Your Inner Truth

Unity / C#

Programming Director

A project I started last year and worked on in my free time with other classmates in the Game Design & Art collaboration organization at UCSC, Occultus Occularus is a puzzle platformer, centered around the theme of redirecting light to open your path. Embarking on this path is our unnamed protagonist, a member of a humanoid eye-themed Occulus race who aims to reach their enlightenment and "open their inner eyes"

I took the role as one of the main Programmers and wrote the base scripts and the starter prefabs required for the design team to begin constructing the levels. Wanting to help the new GDA programmers learn Unity, I took a more teaching role for this project, teaching them the Unity basics and working on more complex tasks. With this role, I have greatly improved upon task delegation and facilitating communication between individuals and their team, as I teach the next generation of GDA programmers about collaboration fundamentals.


Gameplay Media

Original Score Composed By Our Team

Level BGM.mp3
00:00 / 01:55

Showcase of art style and gameplay.


I made this with a variety of other people from my school. I had the help of all my teammates on the Sound, Design, Art, and Programming teams and could not have done this without them.

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