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Build! Program! Fight!

Unreal Engine 4 / C++

Combat Designer / Gameplay Programmer

Robits centers around building and programming robots in order to accomplish a series of challenges and battle your way to the end of the level. Along the way, the players will need to develop their critical thinking skills in order to effectively use our in-game programming system.Set in the near future, you and your robotic companion Bits must infiltrate the hideout of a criminal gang, turning their robots against them using simple programming, and integrating their technical advances into your own use, all in an effort to join the elusive gang of Circuit Breakers.


Being recruited as a Programmer and Gameplay Designer, my work has been focused on adapting the systems in C++ and Blueprints to append new movement and programming functionality in-game. The team began with 9 people and is now continuing with 8 which I am a part of. It began development at the beginning of the year and has since continued work, aiming for a full release and indie development grants for sustained development.

Game Trailer

Cinematic trailer


Gameplay Media

Original Score Composed By Our Team

Overworld Theme
00:00 / 03:55

Showcase of art style and gameplay.



Producer & Lead Programmer: Damen Birtola

Combat Designer & Gameplay Programmer: Theo Erickson


VFX Artist & Tech Artist: Luke Mason


UI/UX & Lead Art Director: Tristan Burnside


Lead Designer & Programmer: David Kirkpatrick


3D & Level Design: John Khaw


Programmer: Zack Lawrence


Sound Design & SFX: Kennan Billimoria


Level Design: Abdul Banglee


Designer: Alexai Zachow


Programmer: Joshua Husting

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