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Grapple Game

Using Your Bone Snake, Traverse Across a Time Traveling Factory

Unity / C#


Prototype game made during 3 weeks for my final year fall quarter game design class. As a focus for this prototype, we drafted a small demo focused around the idea of using a grappling hook as a puzzle mechanic. From this basic start, each mechanic gradually emerged, creating new puzzle mechanics and eventually their own levels. This prototype focused more on gameplay mechanics and building example levels showcasing them.

I was the main programmer for the project and created most of the scripts myself in c#. I also utilized animations given by Adobe's software to give the player animations, personally coding in the triggers and transitions into the code. I purposely designed each new mechanic to revolve around and expand upon the existing grappling hook concept, expanding upon it's uses with each new addition.

Working with all of my collaborators listed below, we were able to make a 8 level demo with a variety of different puzzles all built around the emergent design of the simple but effective rope-snake grappling hook. Despite being put aside for the time being, this demo is in the running to be continued into a full game, made over the next 6 months, should it be chosen by the team as their senior year thesis.

Gameplay Showcase

Title screen and first level gameplay video

Gameplay Media

Original Score Composed By Our Team

Sandbox Theme
00:00 / 01:35

Showcase of art style and gameplay.


Producer - Kiefer Nemeth

Programmer - Alexis Covert


Programmer - Jonah Uyyek


Programmer - Theo Erickson

Art - Maxwell Taylor


Art - Natasha Del Rio


Art - Sandra Latt

Sound Design - TJ Toolman


Sound Design - Kiefer Nemeth

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