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PJ & Casey in The Great Cookie Caper

A Stealth Heist Over A Floor Of Lava!

Unity / C#


Working with 7 others, I was one of the principal programmers among a team that I joined on the day of the jam. Within the team, I was responsible for general team unity and the main pillow bouncing mechanics and initial level design. We consider this to be a simple

Following the theme of the 2019 Global Game Jam: What Home Means to You, PJ and Casey in the Great Cookie Caper is a simple puzzle platformer centered around the main mechanic of a throwable bouncy pillow. You play as a child staying up past their bedtime, platforming with their trusty pillow through a larger-than-life home where the floor is lava!

Global Game Jam 2019 Entry. Theme: What Home Means to You.
2 day prototype of the main level and mechanics.

Gameplay Media

Original Score Composed By Our Team

Rainy Night BGM
00:00 / 01:18

Showcase of art style and gameplay.


Character Artist - Merita Lundstrom

Environment Artist / Game Designer - Terry DuBois

Game Designer - Georgio Klironomos

Programmer / Game Designer - Theo Erickson

Environment Artist / Programmer - Brady Moore

Programmer - Alfredo Cuevas

Sound Engineer / Game Designer - Owen Raymond

Sound Engineer / Game Designer - Corey Hunt

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